Responsive Web Design and SEO Strategy

So how does modern search engine optimization really work? Read on to find out….

As mobile internet usage continues to increase it is becoming more and more important to include mobile web design into your current seo and content marketing strategy. Since most businesses rely on seo for successful marketing operations it is essential to consider how important mobile internet has become. Mobile devices overtake desktop usage in 2014; and in the same year internet sales over mobile devices also surpassed sales through desktops. All indications suggest that searches through mobile devices will also surpass desktop searches in the near future. It is therefore important to re-evaluate your seo plan to include mobile search. In 2018, this can only make sense – in fact, it is now considered to be a clear and significant on page ranking factor.

With the above pointing out just how important making your website usable through mobile devises, below you will find more reasons as to why responsive web design is the best way to go about this.

Google is the world’s largest search engine and its policies can be viewed as industry standards. Recently Google said that it views responsive web design as the industry best practice in relation to web design. This can be because it is much easier for Google crawling spiders to crawl and index content that is on one website instead of crawling two separate sites i.e. a mobile site and a desktop site.

The aim of having a website is to provide a favourable user experience no matter the device they are using. Responsive web design makes it easy to create the best user experience across all devices as it is easy for the website and its content to be adopted into a size suited to any device the user is using.

Responsive web design enables users to bring together the seo strategy for the mobile website and desktop site. Since you are only dealing with one website, the seo strategy can be incorporated into one thus saving you time and energy. This is vitally important for modern businesses.

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