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Taking part in building online businesses means maximising the opportunities and approaches taken to the online presence. DigitalLab has been involved in Web Design Ireland as Website Design Agency Dublin for a few years and have learnt how to cooperate with different companies, SMEs and public institutions.

The main steps to delivering meaningful online business results we have determinedare : Directing Traffic, Increasing Conversions, Adding value and Most Importantly Making Users Happy and Loyal!

Our approach is simple. We create websites that convert visitors to customers at every step of the way. Our process works, examples of which are our happy customers, like Cardiotech Health Care Ltd., Jeteasy Ireland, The Merry Monk.

Here’s an example of what our customers say about us and the web design work we have performed:

“DigitalLab designed a superb website for us. They are extremely helpful in every stage of the consultation process. Emails replied to promptly, the explanation and communication faultless. Good advice given on branding of our company and on best digital marketing strategy. All imagery used was in high resolution integrated with impactful content and text. Lastly the surprise at the end was a lovely catchy video clip! Its been a pleasure to work with DigitalLab…”

Cardiotech Health Care LTD

As stated before – conversion is the goal of all Web Design Dublin projects we have undertaken.

User Experience Process we incorporate into delivering results is clear and transparent.

It is based on the core principles and tools that enable us to determine what approach has to be undertaken in order to guide the user directly to receiving the right message, buying a product or service.

We implement 4 steps that help work towards the goal seamlessly.

1. We learn about your needs and expectations, analyse your business, your target customers, as well as your current website and establish strong and weak points of the current platform.
2. Furthermore, we define information architecture, to inform your visitors clearly about the message your business wants to convey. Our focus is on simplicity that cuts through the noise.
3. Benchmark analysis of your closer and further competitors, gives out the information of market trends.
SEO  tools explain how the traffic is acquired and how visitors flow through websites.
4. Equipped with this knowledge we are able to prepare static and consequent interactive mockups, that will undergo usability – User Experience tests.
5. At this stage, DigitalLab and You – Our Customer – clearly define the current project’s skeleton, information architecture, layouts and user flow.
This enables us to start Graphic Design work and succeeding Web Development Dublin.

Result? Your Business Has Now A Website That Works For You and Your Customers.

3 Steps To Success

DigitalLab implements a 3 step approach that results in building brands online.

1. To start with, we direct traffic to websites through social media marketing, precisely optimized essential Organic SEO On-Page practices and link building.
These tools enable us to drive a high-quality and targeted traffic of visitors to customers websites, which is a first step to success.

  1. Consequently, visitors approach platforms that are highly optimized to convert. People engage with brands we have helped to build, be it a requested quote, a purchase, a call back request or simply by leaving an email address.
  2. The final step is creating a brand loyalty as well as advance repeat business efforts.
    DigitalLab sets up remarketing sales funnels, that directly inform your target customers about your irresistible offers.

    Your Online Business Partner – DigitalLab Web Designer Dublin

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