How Technology has Revolutionised Agriculture

Historically, the greatest challenges in agriculture have been time, money and manpower. Entire teams of farmhands would be needed to toil away for hours ploughing, planting, and even milking. Since then, farming suppliers providing technology have come a long way in improving the efficiency of farms.

More efficient milking

In the early days of farming milking was a strenuous and time-consuming activity. It would take a team of farmhands a good few hours to milk a few cows, when they could have been at work in the fields and around the farm. Also, with the time-drain of milking by hand they would only manage to milk the cows twice every day.

With modern milking machines things have become a lot easier. Now a single farmhand can manage the milking process: letting the cows in, hooking them up to the milking machine and making sure the feeding troughs are filled with food and water. These machines even monitor the milk output of each individual cow, which provides much better management options as well as giving the farmer more effective warnings about potential problems. Also, with the use of modern milking machines farmers now have far better milk production as they can easily milk their cows up to five or six times a day, farming suppliers give you a solution which is easily three times more than the old methods could ever hope to reach!

Easy soil sampling with probes

Plants grow in soil, so knowing the quality of your soil is key to growing crops. Farmers used to walk through their fields with a metal pole-like implement, digging up clumps of soil and using different chemicals and other methods to test the moisture, pH and nutrients within the soil.

Now we have technological probes that can be pulled behind a tractor, set to automatically dig and collect samples at set intervals. This allows you to collect of your samples in a single trip, and there are even systems available which are capable of testing the sampled soil as it is collected, saving you even more time. Aside from the time and effort saved, you can also save money on fertiliser costs as you will be able to budget to buy only the fertiliser you need and lay it in the correct places. The precise location of tested zones can also be recorded using GPS tracking, further ensuring effective and accurate soil management.

Complete management with telematics

Along with the GPS tracking of soil probing locations, you can use telematics to manage your entire farm from wherever you might be. You can simply have a telematics app loaded onto a tablet, carrying it around everywhere and watching as it tells you exactly where each vehicle is, as well as what it’s maintenance and fuel status is. So you can organise refuelling and servicing of your vehicles before a problem arises, and you’ll never have to wonder where anything is.

Technology has made an impressive difference to the agricultural industry. If you aren’t sure how to take full advantage of this, the modern technological solution of an online SA farming directory is a great start to finding the right farming suppliers to help you boost your farm’s efficiency.

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