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Care Calls Assist Seniors Age in Place


Recently, my husband of 49 yrs passed away. Suddenly, I was alone in my home and with my diabetes, my kids wanted me to move to an assisted living facility as they were concerned about my ability to live independently. However, I did not like that idea one bit. I love my home and the emotional warmth it offers me. Further, leaving my home also meant that I would lose, Max, my yorkie, as he could not accompany me to that facility.

So, I convinced my children to look for other options. We explored quite a few and found telephone reassurance systems from Phone Number Monitoring to be very cost effective and useful. My daughter signed me for their Phone Number Monitoring Program (the details about the program are here) and several times a day, I get calls to make sure I am not lying in a diabetic coma. It is very reassuring when I am reminded to check my blood sugars routinely as well. Now, kids have peace of mind and do not have to constantly worry about me. And I am very glad I did not have leave my home and give up Max – Tanisha M.


After years living in Michigan, Tom and Kathy moved away from their children and friends to enjoy retirement in a more suitable climate. While their children understood the need to relocate, they were quite apprehensive about their elderly parents being that far away.

“Our grown children have their daily lives, careers and their kids to attend to. To alleviate their concern, we both signed up for the care calls program to give our family some peace of mind. We look forward to our daily calls and the best thing is – we don’t have to do anything; they call, we answer – it is that simple.” —Kathy R.


“I just started living alone and love the independence! But this had my parents worried with all the craziness we read about all the time. The care calls I get every day give my parents great relief in knowing that I am okay without having to be intrusive. Calling to check on me every day would wear very thin soon for all of us and is unsustainable in the long haul. This way, when we do talk, we focus on other cool topics like my new friends, job experiences and life in a new city.”  —Jennifer L.


“My kids are grown and have moved into their own homes. I was recently divorced and am now living alone and in good health. Nonetheless this new lifestyle had caused my friends and family some concern. They introduced me to your care call service and now, without imposing on anyone, I feel more secure and everyone knows I’m doing fine. It really is easy to use, affordable and I have full control over my call profiles.”  —Deb B.

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